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Oklahoma City Child Support Lawyers

Attorneys Help to Calculate How Much Support You Owe, or Are Owed

Child support is required to be paid in all cases involving children, and the amount is determined by state law. The court will take into consideration the income of the parties, the visitation schedule with the children, as well as the insurance and child care costs incurred by the parties when setting the child support to be paid. Our Oklahoma City family lawyers can assist you in the review and analysis of your or your partner’s child support obligation.

How Is Child Support Calculated in Oklahoma?

There are many factors which will be used to calculate how much the parent without primary custody will pay, including:

  • Monthly income
  • Monetary benefits, such as social security
  • Number of children
  • Amount paid in spousal support
  • Custodial nights per year (how often the children stay with the other parent)
  • Health insurance costs

Our team knows that your children are some of the most important parts of your life. Contact us today to learn more about ensuring they get everything they need following a divorce.

When Does Child Support End?

Oklahoma children are legally entitled to financial support until they turn 18 years old. If this happens before they graduate from high school, they will continue receiving support until either they graduate or turn 19. In the case of paying child support for multiple children, parents are responsible for recalculating future payments for the remaining children.

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