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Smith Simmons, PLLC provides efficient representation for small and large businesses. Whether you want to establish a startup company or grow your business, our firm can help. We have more than 75 years of combined experience handling business law issues, and we can provide the legal advice and representation you need throughout the process.

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We offer services for a variety of business legal needs:

  • Acquisition transactions
  • Contracts
  • Employment issues
  • Oil and gas-related agreements
  • Outside general counsel services

An acquisition transaction occurs when a business buys another company, thereby acquiring it. This differs from a merger transaction, where both businesses cease to exist independently and combine to form one new company. If you are seeking to grow your business, acquiring a target company can help you become bigger, more competitive, and more cost-efficient. Our firm can discuss your options and help you make informed decisions regarding acquisition transactions as you seek to grow your company.

Oil and gas-related agreements can be complicated. It is important to consider the scope of the work, duration of the agreement, liabilities, dispute resolution procedures, and hydrocarbon allocation regulations set forth in the contract before signing. Whether you are entering an operating agreement, participation agreement, or joint venture agreement, we can analyze the facts and talk with you to determine a beneficial strategy.

Experienced Outside General Counsel Services

Smith Simmons, PLLC provides outside general counsel services for a variety of business legal needs. These services provide representation at a lower cost than having a full-time attorney on your staff. If you need advice for negotiating a business contract, or you want representation for a complex issue, we can provide quality legal assistance. With our informative services, you can get the help you need to manage your company’s legal work.

Proficient Representation for Contract & Employment Issues

Whether you need assistance dealing with non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), distribution agreements, joint ventures, non-compete agreements, or license agreements, our experienced Oklahoma City business attorneys can help. It is important to draft all contracts in clear terms, and to specify any details, payment obligations, liabilities, or confidentiality terms necessary to ensure your business is protected. We can help you understand the details of your contract and answer your questions along the way.

Employment issues often deal with ADA compliance, employment agreements, or unclear terms in employee handbooks. If your business is facing employment law disputes, we can represent you as you seek a favorable solution. Our firm stays up to date on federal and state employee regulations and can help ensure your business meets the necessary requirements. If your case involves a lawsuit, we can analyze the facts and represent you in mediation or litigation.

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At Smith Simmons, PLLC, our team is committed to providing personal services for our clients. We know each situation is different, and we work hard to provide unique, effective solutions. If you want to establish or grow your business, we can discuss the details of your situation and create a strategy to meet your specific needs. Our firm has helped numerous clients obtain successful results for their businesses, and we can represent you from start to finish.

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