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Should I Date While My Divorce is Pending?

Should I Date While My Divorce is Pending?

Dating while going through a divorce is not unusual. In fact, it is quite common--however, just because it isn’t unusual doesn’t meant it is always endorsed. Every divorce is different, and every couple brings unique issues to the table when they are facing divorce. Sometimes dating is helpful, and sometimes dating creates more problems, and it is purely situational.

If a new boyfriend or girlfriend is the reason for the initiation of the divorce, a continued relationship can create ongoing tension between the parties, which may prohibit an amicable resolution to the matter. Dating may not be unusual; however, animosity and bitterness isn’t either when parties are splitting up and new romantic interests make themselves known. If one dates during the divorce process, it’s best to keep from emphasizing the fact if you desire a quick resolution to situation at hand.

Parents should absolutely not introduce their new romantic interest to their children quite yet. Your child is doing the best he or she can to process the dramatic change of the split of their parents. Introducing a new person will not help the process, and could potentially have dramatic consequences relating to custody of the minor child. Always consult with your Oklahoma City divorce attorney prior to

If children are not an issue, dating can create a glimmer of normalcy during a very difficult transition, but it is far better for both parties to date, rather than one dating before the other. Often, individuals fight to the death over what appears to be insignificant. However, parties become much more reasonable when a new love interest comes along. Life can go on, and maybe even be better, and this realization makes a very contentious divorce much more amicable to resolve.

Keep in mind you have eyes on you at all times in a divorce, and people you associate with may have a serious impact. This is not the time to let your hair down and relive your wildest college years--it is far better to take up yoga, begin a new exercise routine, learn a new hobby, or start collecting first edition books. It is important you keep yourself occupied, without creating an opportunity for a photo, video, or social media post to come back to haunt you.

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Divorce is a complicated process, only made more difficult if you make bad choices throughout. When and who to date is only one of many choices you’ll have to make during this time. Some judges may not care if you’re dating, while others may feel it is wrong, and it is important to know this before you move forward. Always consult with an experienced Oklahoma City divorce attorney who can advise you on how your actions will impact your divorce, such as ours at Smith Simmons, PLLC. We can help you navigate this process with confidence and compassion.

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